Olympus+ GIGA DOUBLE Ceramic Water Filter

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Counter top
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01-021, 01-035, 01-036


is unique because:

1.    It is the water filter, that is manufactured in EUROPE (Greece) by  CENTER PLUS SA and combines the European knowledge with the    most advanced American   technology at the ceramic water filters with micro-pores.

2.    The ceramic filter (0,5 micron) that is contained in the device, the pores of which are 10 times smaller than the size of microbes of water, holds  100% the pathogenic micro-organisms of water, such as: E. Colli, typhus, cholera, salmonella, faecal coliforms, staphylococcus, enterococcus, cryptosporidium*, etc.


3.    In the same way, the hyper-solid ceramic filter holds the billions of germs of water that chlorine kills and we unsuspected drink them daily by the tap water. Also the same ceramic filter holds the sediments, mud, rust, etc.


4.    The antibacterial action that have so the Colloidal Silver, which is contained in the micropores of the ceramic filter, as the brass of the base of the unit, execute the germs that the ceramic filter of the device holds, while they decontaminate the device.

5.    The activated carbon block (certified by NSF USA) and some other elements,  contained in the inner part of the ceramic filter, hold in big percentage: Chlorine, pesticides, phenols, toxic substances, amianthus fibers, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, while it leaves untouched all of the useful   elements of water as: Mineral salts, micronutrients, etc.

6.     Since the housing of the unit is made of stainless steel and the base is made of a special brass, there is no case to alter the taste and smell of water that remains within the device.


7.    it is made under 100% European specifications, takes up minimal space on the counter top (Dimensions: 7cm width x 31cm height and weight 2kg approximately), while it can be connected in 1 minute to almost any kind of kitchen faucets or to some other faucet.


8.    The valve connection that it is equiped with, has the opportunity to deliver filtered water when we want and tap water, when we want to do washing up.

9. Finally, Olympus+2 Ceramic Water Filter, is made for use in city water  network that is examined by the Local Authorities and aproved for drinking and it is the water filter,     which for all of your life will offer you, HEALTHY, CRYSTALLINE, OLYMPIAN WATER.


Code: 01-021 includes 2 x GIGA Ceramic cartridges with Activated Carbon block included (code:02-010)

Code: 01-035 includes 2 x GIGA Ceramic cartridges, one with Activated Carbon block included (code: 02-004) and one with resins for limescale reduction included (code: 02-015)

Code: 01-036 includes 2 x GIGA Ceramic cartridges, one with Activated Carbon block included (code: 02-004) and one with resins for nitrate reduction included (code: 02-018)